Kind Words About Rhonda’s Mentoring…

Stephanie G., Port Townsend, WA

I was deeply touched by your sharing and insights - it was just what I needed to hear at this time in my life. Thank you for your courage, wisdom, and inspiration.

Rachel Stein

Rhonda has a way of listening to me that allows me to hear my true self. Her gentle, compassionate nudging inspired me to trust myself more and put what I know in my heart to be true into action.

Mary Thompson

Rhonda helped me carve out a path where I could see none. She helped connect me to my worth in a way that revived my energy

Sheila Canter, mom of a child with Autism

When I was overwhelmed and lost under the weight of responsibilities,Rhonda helped me get calm enough to see my next steps. I felt there was possibility where before I saw none

Andrea Agassy, mom of a child with Cancer

Rhonda helped me feel supported, even in all my messiness on this journey. She encouraged me to take one step at a time and permission to care for myself, even if only in small ways

Wally Kroll, District Manager AT&T Education and Training

Your insightful comments, both relating to the work and personal environment were right on target. I know that the attendees were engaged by your personal attention, infectious enthusiasm and the positive attitude you projected. In fact, so much so, that they left re-energized to meet our challenges after being inspired by your presentation

Patricia Rosalbo, Chase Bank

Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to a group of people who are about to embark on a new chapter in their lives

Susan D. Enyeart, Supervisor, Topic Development Career Track/Pryor Resources, Inc.

As I consider the trainers, authors, and subject matter experts I have worked with, I would consider Rhonda one of the true professionals. She has the flexibility to adapt to any situation, relate to any individual, and bring joy and laughter, as well as learning to the seminar room

Dea Shandera, Senior Vice President Advertising and Promotions MGM Worldwide Television Inc.

The power of your positive message was not only felt throughout the day of the retreat, but can still be felt in our office today. In our first staff meeting after the retreat I felt a sizable difference in the energy between my staff. A meeting that used to feel like a dentist’s office waiting room, finally feels like a team pep talk before a big game…I cannot begin to fully express how amazing and transforming your presence at our retreat was… I cannot conceive of a company or a group of people who would not benefit from an experience with you

Kind Words from Attendees of Rhonda’s Presentations…

“What fun! Rhonda has a way of speaking what I feel. She evokes a confidence in who I am just as I am, as well as leans me in the direction of greater authenticity. She gives a voice to things that have unconsciously held me back from joy and makes it OK and easy to take simple steps. I feel happier already!”


“I for one found Rhonda to be very motivating; in many cases, it almost sounded like she was talking directly to me!”


“I thought she was great! She is real and very uplifting. She got the crowd motivated and hopeful of what the future may hold!”


“Rhonda’s presentation was inspiring and engaging, witty and in touch with the everyday life. Inside and out, Rhonda is a gem. You did just what the Beach Boys said you would do, Help Me, Rhonda. Thank you, Rhonda!


The Guild wanted to let you know how grateful we were that you took time to share of yourself with us. Your words were very inspiring and touched our hearts as women. We all need to take time for ourselves, and you did bring that across to us.

It is such a great journey that you have been on this far in your life and the lessons your have learned; and the blessing that you have received are priceless.

We know your life and work will continue to help other women in the many years to come.

Sandy & the Guild

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