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Rhonda Hull, Ph.D. is a light-hearted, caring, curious, and pioneering woman who delights in exploring the spiritual and evolutionary edge of life for meaning and joy. She feels there is added power exploring in the good company of other amazing women. Although Rhonda has plenty of credentials and years of experience, it is the challenges she has maneuvered in her own life that have taught her the most. She knows first hand the burnout that comes from forgetting the importance of loving yourself as much as you love others. She also knows that self-care is an essential and missing piece (peace) that allows happiness to be found in the most unlikely and challenging circumstances.

Rhonda is allergic to the label of ‘expert.’ Although there are many wise ones we can learn from, the true ‘expert’ lives within each of us, and this is who we must learn to trust. As a speaker, author and mentor for those who are determined to live a life that matters, she deeply believes that the most powerful gift we can give another is our own happiness that is cultivated by reconnecting with our worth and that love is the answer to every question.


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Our own deep and durable happiness is the greatest gift each osf us can give another. Although Rhonda tailors her topics to any audiences and addresses the value, need, and path to a joy-filled life, regardless of our circumstances and in any situation, Rhonda particularly loves speaking for women longing to reconnect with their power, personal growth groups, and in support of parents, service providers, educators and caregivers of special needs kids, especially those facing cancer and autism.


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Why is it that in spite of accomplishments and years of personal and spiritual growth, we haven’t been able to access the power we need to thrive?

Women in the west today have truly become the most autonomous, independent, generous, educated and powerful generation in recorded history. Yet, in spite of all of the forward steps women have taken over the last 100 years, most women driven by the belief that they should or are expected to do it all, report the experience of a confusing and painful gap between what we sense is possible for our lives and what seems possible in our daily reality.

You don’t have to look far! Weary women are not hard to find. Rhonda is in high-demand, speaking several times a month to various groups of extraordinary-ordinary women who long to reclaim their happiness and worth even amidst the relentless demands of their roles as professionals, activists, moms and care-givers. Rhonda offers heart-felt insights and support that encourages women to accept the truth about themselves, no matter how magnificent it is.

Rhonda also has two grandchildren on the autistic spectrum and a grand-nephew who has maneuvered cancer at age 2. These experiences have deepened her understanding and broadened her commitment to serving caregivers (and others who serve someone with special needs) who are so often depleted by their relentless loving task and disconnected from happiness. Spending hands-on time with these special kids and being involved in these communities have also confirmed her belief that love provides remarkable strength, that one can find happiness in unlikely places, and lthat one can live a joyful life that includes self-love regardless of the circumstances.


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