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I believe that we can learn more, heal our heartaches, and find love in unlikely places SO MUCH FASTER by sharing what we are going through. No matter what, The Center of Happiness is a SAFE PLACE for you to share, and in so doing, inspire others. When you submit a story or special quote here, we will review it and then share it on our blog for The Center of Happiness Community to see. Whether you are a caregiver, grandparent, service-provider, 'autistic' or 'neurotypical,' your perspective is valuable and encouraged.

This is not a Q&A section, so I won’t respond to your questions here. This is a COMMUNITY section. This section is for you to share your story with The Center of Happiness Community and get THEIR compassionate response. As you stretch to see happiness where it seems illusive and dare to share your insights from your heart with others, you will see that you are not alone and you will also help others see that they are not alone through you speaking up!

Here's the magic… as you give unconditionally, others receive, and when you realize the difference you have made through your courage to be vulnerable, you will also realize that both 'giving' and 'receiving' are what it takes to open a flow where you will then experience the joy of receiving far more than you gave.

When you submit your story, it is with your permission that it might be published on The Center of Happiness blog and/or Facebook Page, so check back often! And I know this goes without saying, but as always and with all things, at The Center of Happiness – share with the intention to serve, foster unconditional love, and empower possibilities!

Send your story (about 600 words or less) to me at rhonda(at)centerofhappiness.com for review and I will get back to you as soon as possible with more details.

Thanks for your sharing your wisdom and experience!



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