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Rhonda Hull, Ph.D.

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Dear Ones,


Each moment matters. It becomes what we make of it. A marriage is far more than the ceremony, and any life defining moment can be greater than an excuse for a party. There is a deepened sense of joy that comes from celebrating a special event consciously by participating in the design of the ceremony that incorporates into it the evidence of who you are, what you want, what you believe, what you promise, and what is of true importance to you.

Regardless of the occasion, whether celebrating a wedding, a baby blessing, or a memorial for a dear one, honoring any special life event in a personalized way is a gift to all involved because it inspires hope and acknowledges that what we make of each moment is what makes our life meaningful.

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Creative elements of a wedding ceremony can include personally crafting your vows, finding your own words for classic traditions such as the ring blessing, blending faiths and beliefs, including family and friends, creating an extended family community, heartfelt gestures and rituals of acknowledgement, and original artistic contributions such as love songs and poems written in your honor. Your ceremony and vows are the words that express the mutual and individual intentions you hold for your marriage. They offer a template to reflect upon as you unfold the adventure of your life together.

Using my inspirational talents, innovative flare, and heartfelt sen-sitivity I will create for you, or guide you in the creation of your uniquely tailored ceremony and officiate in a respectful way that will make the meaningful moment last for a lifetime.






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