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Money is an interesting topic in our society. Some find it merely a simple and objective game. Others recoil from money issues even when their life depends on it. It is essential that women redefine and make friends with money if we are to fully access and embrace our well-being.
Our Perceptions about Money

There are many interesting learned perceptions that have shaped how we de-fine money that include:

  • You are never supposed to talk about money.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.’
  • Money is power.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Money can’t buy you love.
  • If I have more money, then someone else must have less, and I’m guilty.
  • People with money can’t be trusted.
  • People without money can’t be trusted.

Etc., etc. etc…
We carry these as truths without question rather than as the limiting percep-tions of scarcity about money we were raised on that were passed on to us un-intentionally, or even with the best of intentions, from generation to genera-tion. We use these interpretations as an absolute compass by which we make our decisions, and use our misperceptions to support our judgments and shape our lives. We allow these unconscious conflicting definitions to dictate and de-sign the quality of our lives, and as a result it leads to much despair and angst.

Understanding Money
And yet money, like everything, is energy, and that energy is neither good nor bad. The bottom line truth is that money is just money, just like weather is just weather. A snowstorm can be a commuter’s nightmare or a child’s playground depending on the filter it is seen through. It becomes something more than pure energy by the meaning attached to it or the judgment we place upon it. Our ex-périence of it lies in our interpretation.

money matters pics 2To be free and happy, it is important for us to unplug from our assumptions and take an objective look. If it were true that money buys us happiness every person without money would be in despair and every wealthy person would be joyful. Although sometimes true, this is simply not always the case.

We can’t even convincingly say that having money makes life easier. I know some who are burdened by the responsibility that money brings, and no matter how much wealth they accumulate they still worry that regardless of what they have, it is not enough. It’s all relative.
Even though blessed with the monetary good fortune so many believe will be the answer to their crusade for happiness, some who have monetary assets live an empty life in spite of their apparent wealth because they have no sense of their self-worth or personal power.

At the other end of the spectrum, I have experienced many who live on mini-mal means and are surrounded constantly by hardships, yet somehow they ex-perience contentment, a sense of freedom, and live with deep joy in their lives regardless of their challenges.
Although many measure happiness by ‘things,’ deep and meaningful happi-ness encompasses this and so much more.

It is almost impossible to live without the need for money in our western cul-ture that is so drastically divided into the ‘haves’ and ‘have-not’s.’ Our con-tradicting beliefs and resulting judgments invite us to reconsider that living without money is no more or less virtuous than having it, although we perhaps have unconsciously judged this to be so. It just means that we have blinded ourselves to the power of our perceptions, and therefore unintentionally foster an experience of lack.

The ‘Ah-Ha’ About Money
An ‘ah-ha’ comes when we open to the insight that it’s not really about the money, after all. It’s about how we consciously (or not) learn to direct the its energy, neither resisting or insisting. This is why it is important for us to be-come aware that money is more about who we are as we exchange money, how consciously we do what we do with money, how we interpret it’s value, who we are as we direct it’s flow, who we choose to engage with as we channel it for the highest good, the opportunity of learning generosity and non-attachment, and whether or not we use it with positive intention and integrity. Our perception of money determines whether we experience scarcity or pros-perity in our lives, regardless of the circumstances we face or the things we ac-cumulate.

Money as a Tool
Money, since it’s conception, has been a powerful tool. Like any tool it can be used as it was intended for the highest good, or not. Sometimes and when nec-essary a butter knife is a welcomed substitute for a flat head screwdriver. My dad could fix just about any car in the dark with a rusty piece of bailing wire when he had to be resourceful, and yet whenever possible he was happy to pay for and preferred the comfort and precision of using the specialized tools con-tained in his well-stocked toolbox.
Sometimes a job calls for the precision of a specific measuring tape or wrench, tolerating no substitutes. If you have the opportunity to employ an electric drill rather than manage with the butter knife, you do so willingly, and the ease of the job makes the investment worthwhile. With enough creativity and com-mitment, either way the job gets done, whether manifested through creative persistence or prosperous precision.

What Women Learned About Money
Women have been long trained that their role was to give without compensa-tion and that sacrifice was their ‘lot in life.’ This twisted truth left women feel-ing guilty and torn about receiving compensation for their valuable contribu-tions of service and heart, this woman included.

Especially in care giving and healing professions, as artists, and in spiritual roles, there has been a stigma on placing a monitory value on and receiving compensation in exchange for the time, energy, and gifts of heart provided, and yet the skills of deep listening, caring and compassion often hold the greatest long term value in cultivating deep happiness.

Money as a Taboo Topic
The topic of money has long been a taboo subject. It is time for women to open wide this conversation, dissolve our embarrassment, admit our misunderstand-ings, reclaim our worth, and embrace a perspective of abundance so all women can erase limiting beliefs, open to prosperity, honor one another, thrive and be honored for our contributions in all forms, re-write our stories, and joyfully support the success and well-being of all women.
Few of us learned that receiving is equally as important to giving, and essential if we are to access our full wisdom, power and well-being that leads us to ac-cess a core energy that allows us to give even more. Contrary to what we were taught, you cannot give from an empty cup. Self-love from a conscious place is not selfish, but rather is the greatest gift we can offer another. Now is the time for women to break free of these limiting beliefs, use money in a new way that supports our well-being and value, compensate one another free of judgment, scarcity and lack, trusting in abundance and the worth of women.

Truthfully, it has been an up-hill climb as I heal my ‘stuff’ about money. Ra-ther than judging or resisting money as bad, I continue to learning how to em-brace it and receive it as a tool that allows me to do my part to expand love and life the greater good.

The Truth About Money
Money is as much a reflection of love as anything else. It remains the currency we use to pay and be paid in our day-to-day existence, and this act can be an exchange of love no more or less important than an embrace. It is an exchange of energy, an exchange of gratitude for what we have received and given.

Please note that it has never been my policy to turn anyone away for a genuine inability to pay and who has a true commitment to grow toward greater pros-perity. I have attempted to price my services and time in a way that honors and stretches those I serve while still fostering my own sustainability, well-being and prosperity.
It is important that you ask for what you need. I am always grateful to receive full payment, and if you have the means and feel compelled I am always will-ing to receive more than I charge!

Our most valuable insights and life lessons do not come when we are in our comfort zone. It is important for that we stretch beyond our comfort zone if we are to learn something meaningful and deepen our appreciation for what we have. When we dare to stretch beyond what seems possible, we become more fully invested, motivated and responsible to find value. I am delighted, when possible, to serve those with the tenacity and willingness to approach me hon-estly to find a mutually beneficial way to work together.

I do not want your current sense of lack to be your excuse for not taking this step. I invite you to explore possibilities with me if you currently are not in a position to pay in full. Although I prefer that I be compensated in full, when necessary for my clients and when possible for me, I am willing to accept an alternative form of exchange or a reduced fee. There have certainly been times that I have appreciated the ‘hand-up’ from someone who recognized my need for a boost. However this must be done in the spirit of confronting and trans-forming your beliefs about money, openly finding our way together to a mutu-ally agreed upon and mutually respectful alternative energy exchange that supports prosperity, not scarcity.

It is my hope that my flexibility and commitment to address the specific needs of each individual’s situation will not be interpreted an ‘easy-out’ to avoid paying my full fee for those who have it within their budget. What I offer is in-valuable with years of experience, education, and personal growth adventures to prepare me to be of service. I know that I can best serve others when I hon-or the scope of my own needs and value, too.

Experimenting with my fee policy is my on-going attempt to shift the legacy of lack, expand clear and honest communication, establish genuine ‘win-win’ agreements, refresh a dysfunctional economy, reinstate trust as the preferred way of doing business, and revive the spirit of integrity in all relationships and agreements.

I invite you to pay my full fee if at all possible, and, when called for, to move in the direction of your dreams even if you only have a butter knife available.

With this being said, please contact me to discuss and negotiate payment op-tions.


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