• Are you tired of pushing through, soldiering on and sucking it up?
  • Do you want life to matter, but are depleted and hanging on my a thread physically, emotionally and spiritually?
  • Do things that could bring you joy feel like soul-sucking experiences that are robbing you of your freedom and joy?  


Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 5.45.29 PMIf you are ready to take a stand for your own happiness, finally get to the heart of what matters to you, and break free of what holds you back so you can reclaim your worth and live the life you long for, I'm ready to do it with you


No one can do it for you. We each have our own path to walk, gifts to reveal, and lessons to learn, but the good news is that we need not travel the journey alone. Women blossom when they connect, collaborate, and co-create with those worthy of their trust.

However, lacking confidence, having convinced ourselves we don't have enough (time, money, sleep, energy, etc.), and fearing our most critical thoughts about ourselves are true, we try to 'go it alone' only to find ourselves stuck in the same old rut at the mercy of our circumstances, and believing there is no way out. Afraid to admit our vulnerabilities and dare to receive, we settle for 'less than' and continue to believe we are 'not enough.


If you are DONE, really done living a life less than you imagined, and willing to dare greatly to live a life that matters  regardless of your circumstances….


STEP #1:

DECIDE that now is the time to take a stand for your own happiness because you are worth it. Dare to ASK from deep within your heart for the support and encouragement you need, and be willing to RECEIVE it by saying this little prayer…
"(Fill-in-the-blank), help me to accept the truth about myself… no matter how magnificent it is.


STEP #2:

Now, before you talk yourself out of it, schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 'Get to the Heart of What Matters' Discovery Session




My youngest daughter shared this story with me… one that made me chuckle, and prompted me to ponder the importance of living wholeheartedly.

It is my eleven-year-old grandson’s responsibility is to empty the dishwasher. Because he had been asked several times and only partially completed this task before heading off to play his computer games, his mom took away his time on the computer. At first he protested, and after awhile he came to his mom with an apology and the hope that he would get his computer time renewed. 

He pleaded his case. What my daughter heard my grandson say was, “Mom, please forgive me. Next time you ask, I promise I won’t do a ‘half-assed’ job.

My daughter was shocked that he had so boldly saif this to her! She took a deep breath and calmly told him that using this inappropriate language was not a good way to have his computer time re-instated. 

My grandson looked at her quite confused. “What inappropriate language?” His face conveyed his innocence, and so she realized that there was something amiss in their communication. What she heard and what he had said were different. 

“I did not say anything bad,” he continued. “I promise, mom, I won’t do a ‘half-asked’ job again. Next time I’ll empty the dishwasher the first time you ask!”

With relief, my daughter let him return to his computer games.This cute story made me ponder how often we misunderstand and settle for living our one precious life ‘half-asked.’ We don’t fully live our life responding fully in each moment and embracing our own self-worth. We ignore the importance of our own well-being and settle for living a ‘half-asked,’ rather than a wholehearted life.

I have walked through enough challenges and losses in my life to know that time is fleeting and life is short. I also am certain that the world would be a completely different place if women fully stepped into their own power and joy. Happy women create a happy world.

Are you ready to stop living a ‘half-asked’ life and dare to take a stand for your own happiness?

If not now, when?



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