Screenshot_14To live most consistently at the Center of Happiness… We all need a sisterhood!!!

I don’t know where I would be without my YaYa sisters, those trustworthy women who love me mistakes and all no matter what, the ones I can call at 4:00 a.m. if necessary, the ones who see my best and who allow me to have a messy breakdown, but nudge me with compassion to a break-through moment of remembering my magnificence. Those amazing who not only cry with me, but belly laugh with me.

Isolation keeps us chained to the beliefs of not being enough. Deep connection with others who ‘get it’ frees us to follow our hearts with a sense of solidarity that unleashes and fuels the greatest possibility for compassion and positive change. This benefits us all. When women dare to take a stand for their own happiness and well being, the worldbecomes a better place!

Circles have been an age-old way women have gathered heart-to-heart with other equally committed women with the confidence each will be accepted, heard, respected, inspired, and reminded of the value of their own wisdom. 

imagesAlthough sitting side-by-side with other amazing women may be preferable, technology offers us a powerful alternative that allows us to transcend time and space. TeleCircles make it easier to minimize the impact of money, travel, and juggling the needs of others. From wherever you are, with just a phone it allows women from near and far to conveniently connect and rejuvenate even amidst the busy-ness of the daily demands that constantly challenge our well-being. It speaking our insights out loud we are often surprised by our own wisdom.

Together we are reminded of the power of who we innately are. Wit the freedom to be feisty and vulnerable, we muster the courage to ditch old stories, claim the true ones, and reactivate the courage to speak-up, speak- out, and follow our heart as our way of ‘saving the world.’

 Join us when you can!

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