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Dear Ones,

This is your special day to create the blueprint for your life together. It can be traditional, unique, or any combination thereof. That is up to you. I am delighted  to work with you to create a ceremony that will be meaningful and memorable.

Use the guidelines I have offered to design the day to be most meaningful for  you, but don’t hesitate to throw out what doesn’t work and create what will. Set  your imagination free or lean on a more traditional ceremony. It is totally up to  you Together we will shape your ceremony to re?ect what matters to you as you  mark this special day.

It is a day that that often comes with expectations, yours and those of others who  matter to you. I am happy to do what I can to juggle and honor these. Please be  as clear and detailed as possible about your dreams for your ceremony. Share  with me how you met, why you feel certain that this is ‘the one,’ any challenging  family dynamics, spiritual traditions you want honored or avoided, or anything  else you feel may be important.

Whether you want your ceremony to be brief or elaborate, let me help you make  it meaningful and full of joy.


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Payment Information:

$50 deposit due to reserve your date and before first meeting to review of basic information and begin crafting your ceremony. The balance is due 2 weeks prior to the ceremony.


Please fill up the information and schedule a phone/Skype/in person meeting to review and begin to shape your special ceremony.









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