The Power of Laughter

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Rhonda’s comments:
OK, sports fans. This one’s for you! Steve Goodier always makes wonderful contributions to wisdom and happiness through is articles and stories.

Also I post this in honor of my son-in-law, who is a devoted Bronco’s fan.

So… enjoy.



Did you follow the 1987 football season when the Denver Broncos
played the Cleveland Browns for the AFC title?

Less than two minutes remained in the game and Cleveland was ahead by
a touchdown. The Broncos had just fumbled the ball out of bounds on
their own 1/2-yard line. Hostile Cleve land fans were already throwing
dog biscuits onto the field and celebrating a sure Cleveland win.

While the announcer was discussing who Cleveland would play in the
Super Bowl and Den ver fans were nursing bruised egos, the Bron cos
huddled in their own end zone. Quarterback, John Elway, was known for
miraculous wins, but this situation was almost impossible.

All-pro left tackle, Keith Bishop, looked around the huddle at his
teammates, took a deep breath and said, “Hey, now we got them right
where we want them!” Tense silence was broken by laughter. One player
laughed so hard he fell down! Somehow the joke lent perspective to an
absurd situation and a sense of calm confidence replaced anxiety.

What followed has been dubbed in the an nals of football lore as The
Drive. In less than two minutes, John Elway and the Broncos drove the
length of the field and tied the game with just sec onds left. They won in
overtime and went on to the 1988 Su per Bowl (which, judged by the
Broncos’ poor showing, was itself a kind of joke…).

An amazing shift occurred in the huddle that day. Laughter prepared
them to bring their best to a demanding situation as nervous,
negative energy was swept away in the absurdity of the moment.

Laughter has a way of creating positive change in any tense and
stressful circumstance. But, as Mark Twain said, laughter is the
greatest weapon that we humans possess and it’s the one we use the
least. Daily, we have countless oppor tunities to use the power of
laughter to make a positive difference.

— Steve Goodier

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