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PT ceremoniesThe primary intention of a wedding is for it to be meaningful. The words used in it express the blueprint by which you will build your lives together. When crafted to include your intentions, dreams, promises and wishes, it can be referred back to for guidance through rough spots, inspire your recommitment, and to remind you of the value and magic of true love.

Since we were little we were taught to dream of our wedding day with certain expectations. Each couple has certain expectations, and hopefully they match! Although the dress/outfit, the place, the cake and all the other touches that make up a wedding are important to bring the dream to life, the crucial piece is that each couple work together to make the ceremony mean something. The promises that you make to one another that day are not to be taken lightly, and connecting in a conscious way with one another and in the presence of your family and friends becomes the essential piece.

We take the time away from our busy lives to celebrate far too few things. It is important to slow down to make life-changing steps joyful and conscious, rather than routine. A wedding ceremony is one of those times that we gather to set our busy-ness aside and pause to open our hearts to celebrate love, and the courageous intention of the couple to intertwine one?s life with another.

I feel I have a gift in helping you craft your ceremony to represent your love and the intentions you have for your life together, tailoring it to be heartfelt, lighthearted, and your own.

My fee is $250 for a civil ceremony that calls for little re-writing, with the ceremony lasting 15-30 minutes, including the signing of all the papers.

I charge $325 to create a collaborative unique ceremony, which includes a telephone or in-person meeting with the couple. These ceremonies last from 20-60 minutes, including the signing of papers.

If you choose to have me present at the rehearsal, my fee is an additional $60/hr, plus travel time and expenses if they apply. If you are comfortable without me present at the rehearsal, you can have your wedding planner or someone of your choice walk you through the rehearsal so everyone is clear on where to be when, and then that person can fill me in the day of the ceremony, and we ‘wing it’, which works just fine, too.

On the day of the ceremony, I arrive approximately 30 minutes prior so there are no worries. I also mail the forms after the ceremony so you need not worry about that detail amidst the flurry of your wedding celebration.

Free of charge and as my gift to you, I do calligraphy and am happy add this special touch by filling out your keepsake copy of the marriage certificate if you like.

In gratitude for your service, I offer a $20 military discount.

I do not charge for travel time and expenses when the ceremony is local, and do charge $30/hr to cover travel time and expenses when the ceremony is reasonably within the greater Port Townsend/Seattle area. (Darn, those gas prices!) Other travel expenses, such as airfare, are negotiable.

I look forward to joining you in creating the ceremony that reflects your heart-felt dreams, promises and intentions.



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P.S. I am an ordained non-denominational minister and can either include, or not, your spiritual inclinations into your ceremony.


Contact Information:

Rhonda Hull, Ph.D.
Port Townsend Ceremonies/The Center of Happiness
P. O. Box 1667
Port Townsend, WA 98368


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