Book Review – The Power of T. E. D.

Posted by on Oct 15, 2007 in Books Worth Meandering, Especially for Women | 0 comments

The Power of T. E. D.
This is a book you will return to often. It’s a great gift for someone who needs a nudge out of being a victim, especially if that someone is you!

This story and its message is simple, clear, and memorable. If you are ready to break free of the ‘drama triangle’ and hang up co-dependency once and for all, give The Power of T. E. D. a read. It will definitely put you on a smoother road to happiness.

With co-creative freinds and founders, Ann Smith and Carol Hansen Grey at Circle Connections (, we are formulating a Circle Connections Leadership Certification program especially for those hungry for peace and aware of the importance of a feminine model of empowerment (Yin-Powerment). We plan to include this easy to understand concept for breaking free of the ‘Drama Triangle’ as an essential basic ingredient of our leadership curriculum.

For sure, I give this book an enchanting ‘thumbs-up’.

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