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Ceremony & Officiating Services for Weddings and other Life Defining Celebrations that make the moment matter 


Dear Ones,

Romantic Port Townsend is a magical place on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to experience any special moment. Enjoy stunning water views, abundant amenities, and Victorian seaside architecture. But, location is not nearly as important an ingredient as the expression of one’s heartfelt intentions. A deepened sense of joy comes from celebrating a special life event consciously and creatively.

The magic of a meaningful moment happens when family and friends come together, united in celebration. Experiencing a ceremony full of meaning deepens and strengthens the bond of those who participate. In the company of unconditional encouragement and support, love is contagious. It nurtures hope and invites us to remember the things of true importance.

Whether in Port Townsend, or in the location of your choice, I am happy to offer my services as an officiant for whatever life-defining ceremony you are inspired to celebrate. By crafting your ceremony you share with your guests a genuine sense of your heartfelt intentions.

Regardless of the occasion, whether celebrating a baby blessing, a birthday, a new home, or a memorial for a dear one, acknowledging an important life defining event in a personalized way becomes a gift to all involved. It reminds us that what we make of each moment is what matters most.

With my guidance, crafting a specialized ceremony need not be hard or time consuming. Allow me to assist and guide you in making your meaningful moment last for a lifetime. Once the format and content are agreed upon, you can relax knowing you will have the ceremony of your dreams. Having an officiant you can trust to honor your requests allows you to be fully present at your ceremony to enjoy the experience you have created. With over two decades of experience as an officiant. I can contribute inspirational encouragement, innovative flare, and authentic excitement for your special occasion.


Creative elements personalizing a ceremony or celebration can include:

  • Crafting your vows or statement of intention
  • Finding your own words to reflect the essence of classic traditions or making the celebration unique to your needs
  • Blending faiths and beliefs in a sensitive way
  • Actively including family and friends
  • Incorporating gestures of acknowledgement, original artistic contributions such as love songs and poems, or meaningful music or words that reflect your intentions
  • Finding a form for your own creative and spontaneous expression


I look forward to the opportunity to help you design your perfect .

Enjoy each moment, for each moment is the precious present.




Rhonda Hull, Ph.D.

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