Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

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images-11When you first open your eyes in the morning, what is the first thought that crosses your mind?

“Good God, it’s morning!” or “Good morning, God.”

Especially if fatigue permeates you or the pressures nip at your heals, it may be a challenge to ignite your optimism for the day.

If you can embrace that your attitude shapes your outcome, and choose over and over the path of joy, even if step by step, soon sustainable joy will be a way of life, regardless of your circumstances.

I find great joy in passing along the reminders that come my way to keep me on course. I am delighted to promote those who I feel are authentic in offering their wisdom and information to serve in expanding joy.

Here is a meaningful nudge toward happiness I received today from a dear friend, ongoing mentor, and amazing women, Betty Lue Lieber. I trust it will assist you in having a beautiful day, even when there are storms all around you.

1172Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

When you cannot find the music in your heart,
When you do not hear the birds singing in the trees,
When you are not aware of how much you are loved,
When you are consumed with the business of life……….
Make up your own personal prescription list of how to heal.

When in doubt, Bless
When in fear, Love.
When angry, Breathe.
When critical, Forgive.
When alone, Listen.
When hurt, Comfort.
When lost, Pray.
When unhappy, Appreciate.
When confused, Open.

Life is filled with healing tools.

You are the Healer and the wounded.
You are the Reminder and the forgetful.
You are the Way Finder and the lost.
You are the Chosen One and the dismissed.

Each of us has the power and the purpose to find what is missing.
Each one of us has the inner knowing and the key to the door.
Each one of us has within us the strength and the opportunity.
Each one of us has been where we are before.

We know.
We have.
We are.
We can.

Let us take the time today to stretch our wings and fly.
Stretch our faith, open our heart, soar with joy and bless our lives.
“Birds can fly, so why oh why can’t I?” Somewhere over the Rainbow
Yes, I can.

Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D. MFT and Robert Waldon, Ph.D. ND
Values-Centered Coaching and Counseling, Holistic Health Consulting

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