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I’m back…

Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in Happiness, Rhonda's Reflections | Comments Off on I’m back…

I’m back. Well, I haven’t been gone really. I just have not been regularly posting to my blog because I was called to be present in any number of other places to learn, stretch and grow. Life has been full of tracking my grand nephew at age 2 through leukemia, and then my own grandson  at age 3 on a journey with autism. Both boys are doing well and now it is my opportunity to process all that has grown and stretched in me to refine what I am to give now and the form in which I am to serve. Yesterday here in the U.S. was our Freedom Day Celebration, the 4th of July. This morning I...

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Reminder of a Reminder

Posted by on Jun 20, 2008 in Happiness, Rhonda's Reflections | Comments Off on Reminder of a Reminder

Dear Traveling Companions, It is so nice to hear from my readers. When we are being tugged in every direction with a million things demanding our time, I am honored to know people stop to read my ramblings, and even more, I feel so grateful to know that they have helped in some way. I was sent a sweet acknowledgement email indicating that a particular quote I included in one recent issue came at just the right moment to help this wonderful one out of a pot hole of negativity and overwhelm. When we train our eyes to see, a miracle appears… or at least something to sustain us through the...

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Turtle Crossing

Posted by on Jun 8, 2008 in Happiness, Rhonda's Reflections | Comments Off on Turtle Crossing

Deciphering inspirational meaning in car metaphors and creating new interpretations for old road signs has become a game for me. A friend, aware of my passion for road signs, sent me a photograph she took on a trip to Hawaii. It was a road sign that read: TURTLE CROSSING. Although it has been far too long since I last adventured to Hawaii, my memories are vivid and dear. Ideal life there moves at a slower pace and is a vital part of the Hawaiian culture. Those who consciously live with ‘aloha spirit’ seem to have an awareness of the stunning beauty that surrounds them and an...

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Birthday Ramblings

Posted by on May 11, 2008 in Happiness, Rhonda's Articles, Rhonda's Reflections | Comments Off on Birthday Ramblings

I just love ‘a-ha’ moments. So, I beg your indulgence for some ‘soon to be my birthday’ ramblings. I have long realized freedom to be one of my core values. Having Annie Oakley as a distant cousin helps make sense of my feisty awkwardness in this linear reality called life. I have struggled to find ‘traditional’ ways to channel my talents and tame my loquacious nature, but seldom have felt like I fit easily and completely. Such is life as a ‘right-brained’ introspective spirit that was dropped for some uncertain reason into a culture that is designed to be...

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Happiness Full Circle

Posted by on Jan 26, 2008 in Rhonda's Articles, Rhonda's Reflections | Comments Off on Happiness Full Circle

I have been easily pondering happiness as I share time this week with my niece, Alicia, and her oldest son, Connor, now three-and-a-half. He is my grandnephew and I am more than delighted to spend time with them visiting Seattle from Alaska. As many of you know it is not a pleasure trip for them, but instead a week long adventure of doctor’s visits, procedures and re-evaluations. When Connor was barely two he was diagnosed with A.L.L. leukemia. After highs and lows, a bone marrow transplant, weeks in isolation, and a stay that lasted well over a year where Connor and his family lived...

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A Nudge Toward Happiness

Posted by on Jan 17, 2008 in Articles and Stories by Others, Books Worth Meandering, Happiness, Quotes, Rhonda's Reflections, Websites Worth Wandering | Comments Off on A Nudge Toward Happiness

Dear Treasured Traveling Companions, ‘It’s possible for you to feel happy—and that choice is yours to make at any moment.’ — Michael Neill (http://www.geniuscatalyst.com/) I have had a horrible allergy for far too long. Perhaps you do, too. Sales and marketing have somehow seemed against my nature. I have felt that to sell or promote compromises your integrity. I have not felt comfortable in this role for as long as I can remember. I have held the belief that self-promotion is shameful and making money means that someone else goes without. Pretty limiting...

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Happiness, Peace, Freedom

Posted by on Jan 8, 2008 in Articles and Stories by Others, Happiness, Quotes, Rhonda's Reflections, Websites Worth Wandering | Comments Off on Happiness, Peace, Freedom

Can you have one without the others? It seems that they are not pieces, but rather intricately woven together. They call us to return to and to remember who we innately are in each stretch we make to live a joyful life. It seems peace, happiness, freedom, and love itself are about accessing the joyful life that is available to us with each breath, in each moment, if we expand our willingness and commitment to see, hear and feel who we really are. “Pollution, fraud, war, greed — whatever and wherever the waste we see — virtually every problem in our world today has its...

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Easing the Road to Happiness

Posted by on Dec 6, 2007 in Happiness, Rhonda's Reflections, Websites Worth Wandering | Comments Off on Easing the Road to Happiness

Sometimes in order to find our way to happiness and to visualize new possibilities, we must clarify, let go of, and/or dare to redefine the old path. Often we can get stuck in the loop of our old mis-beliefs not knowing how to break free, or not even realizing we are trapped. Here’s to the journey of happiness, consciousness, and new possibilities.. What is simple is not always easy. Byron Katie offers four simple questions that are easy and insightful if we surrender to them. I feel compelled to share with you a valuable resource, The...

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The Gratitude Dance

Posted by on Nov 20, 2007 in Happiness, Rhonda's Reflections, Websites Worth Wandering | Comments Off on The Gratitude Dance

I love the thought of Thanksgiving!!! Gratitude is such a key to happiness. I am very grateful for my readers, those who are committed every day to expanding joy in their life and learning how to live at The center of Happiness. I had to share this with you!!!! Pay it Forward. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9z2ELaBVJY May we all join hands doing the gratitude dance! Rhonda

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The Power of Laughter

Posted by on Nov 16, 2007 in Articles and Stories by Others, Happiness, Rhonda's Reflections | Comments Off on The Power of Laughter

Rhonda’s comments: OK, sports fans. This one’s for you! Steve Goodier always makes wonderful contributions to wisdom and happiness through is articles and stories. Also I post this in honor of my son-in-law, who is a devoted Bronco’s fan. So… enjoy. Rhonda THE POWER OF LAUGHTER Did you follow the 1987 football season when the Denver Broncos played the Cleveland Browns for the AFC title? Less than two minutes remained in the game and Cleveland was ahead by a touchdown. The Broncos had just fumbled the ball out of bounds on their own 1/2-yard line. Hostile Cleve land...

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