I Am Grandma Tutu, and I Teach Joy

Posted by on Apr 12, 2006 in Happiness, Podcasts, Rhonda's Reflections | 0 comments

___________________________________________________________________________ I just recently returned from time spent with my three grandsons. What a delightful time it always is, and with each smile, giggle and game shared I am reminded by their flawless ability to love what truly matters most in this life. On my late night drive home from the airport I was listening to a wonderful radio program about different Native American tribes and their customs. I was especially fascinated by their description of the role of women. The report emphasized that many tribes were egalitarian and women...

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Happy Birthday. Is It?

Posted by on Apr 11, 2006 in Happiness, Podcasts, Rhonda's Articles | 0 comments

__________________________________________________________________________ I just got off the phone with a new and already dear friend who reluctantly divulged with a definite change in the tone of her voice that her birthday is next week, and that she may take the day off to stay in bed with her head under the covers. This might have been an exaggeration, but I heard sadness and angst. In her voice I heard the voice of many who hold regret about a day that should be celebrated. Another one of mine is just around the corner, number 55 I dare say, so I have been giving it considerable...

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