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“The greatest gift we give ourselves or anyone else is the quality of our attention.” — Richard Moss “We have not been called to change this crazy world. We are called simply to love it.” — Maithri Goonetilleke Australian Doctor, Author and Poet More ‘Change’ Quotes  Today’s Story: ‘One For My Sister’ “When we serve, we see the unborn wholeness in others; others may then be able to see their wholeness for themselves for the first time.” — Rachel Naomi Remen MD “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunit

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Inspire Until You Expire

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Have you even noticed for the first time something that you knew all along?  Here is one of those awarenesses for me…The first breath you take in life is when you are born. You in-spire, or inhale that first gulp of air. The last breath you take in life is when you expire, or breathe out for the final time. A truly amazing design! Perhaps I was pondering this because my 62nd birthday is May 31st! Several have celebrated their birthday around me lately. I have noticed how some people totally embrace their birthday and enjoy every opportunity to celebrate while others...

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Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

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When you first open your eyes in the morning, what is the first thought that crosses your mind? “Good God, it’s morning!” or “Good morning, God.” Especially if fatigue permeates you or the pressures nip at your heals, it may be a challenge to ignite your optimism for the day. If you can embrace that your attitude shapes your outcome, and choose over and over the path of joy, even if step by step, soon sustainable joy will be a way of life, regardless of your circumstances. I find great joy in passing along the reminders that come my way to keep me on course. I am...

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Plate Spinning and the Wild Goose

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“You start dying when you have nothing to live for. You start living when you find something worth dying for.” — Mark Batterson (author, Wild Goose Chase) Whew! I don’t know about you, but my life has been very full. It has been said that life is a banquet. Well, my plates are very full! I have at times felt that my life is split. I feel pulled between the needs of my grandkids (one boy with autism, two with ADHD, and a 7 month old grand-daughter on the brink of crawling, all living in Los Angeles), my passion for developing my work and sustainability in a way that is...

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It’s Not Our Job to Fix Anyone

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Dear Happy Travelers, Parenting (and grand-parenting) has its bumps and detours, and through it all offers so much joy. Being a grandma is as much fun with less responsibility. Still, one of my greatest challenges is to balance self-care with my urge to care for them. I want to spare both my babies and grandbabies from any hurt and would like to think that I know best. Here we walk a fine line between Divine Order and Ego Expectations. It is hard to discern sometimes  when to actively help, or when it is best to ‘help’ by ‘not helping.’ Sometimes we guess right and...

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A Wonderful World

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This simply amazed me!!! I had to share. What pure joy to see such talent!

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Amazing Peace

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Thunder rumbles in the mountain passes. And lightning rattles the eaves of our houses. Floodwaters await in our avenues. Snow falls upon snow, falls upon snow to avalanche. Over unprotected villages. The sky slips low and gray and threatening. We question ourselves. What have we done to so affront nature? We interrogate and worry God. Are you there? Are you there, really? Does the covenant you made with us still hold? Into this climate of fear and apprehension, Christmas enters Streaming lights of joy, ringing bells of hope And singing carols of forgiveness high up in the bright air. The...

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A Message from the Hopi Nation Elders

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“We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered: Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Are you in the right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden. It is time to speak your truth Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader. This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold onto...

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