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  THANKS and GIVING Dear Ones, No matter where you live, as we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States I invite you to savor this moment as a reminder to notice all there is to be thankful for, give yourself permission to receive as much as you give, and give generously to others as well as yourself as a way of acknowledging the abundance all around you. Focusing our energy and attention on all that is good despite challenging circumstances within and beyond the boarders of the United States is the greatest gift we can offer. Gratitude and generosity are keys to healing and...

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Life is Littered with Opportunities

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  Dear Wonderful Ones, What if your path were littered with opportunities for you to grow, and all you need do when life sucks is shift your perception? Truthfully, it has been a challenging few months of personal health detours that are calling me to STOP when I feel such a sense of urgency to move forward. I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way and as many women were, I was well trained to disregard aches and pains, and to care for everyone else better than myself. Hopefully it is true that we teach best what we most need to learn, and so I dare share a honestly a bit...

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Center of Happiness Newsletter – October 14, 2014

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    Daring to Stop Dear Ones, About six years ago when my grandson was at almost 3 was diagnosed with autism I went to spend 3 challenging years helping to find a way to reach him and build a bridge between his world and ours. I wanted to learn what we were all called to learn on our journey with him. Even autism comes bearing gifts. They may be hidden and challenging, but they are there. My time with Brody strengthened and expanded me in so many ways and made me a better human, more patient and compassionate, and yet in other ways the demands of the journey were too much for...

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  Abracadabra ‘Abracadabra, boom boom kashoom’ was the phrase my kids always used when calling for the dramatic pause before magic outcome happened. Being a word-smith I was surprised to learn that ‘abracadabra’ actually was Hebrew for “I create what I speak.” Like magic, sometimes we can’t believe what is before our very eyes. We resist both the good as well as the not-so-great. We live through the circumstances we encounter as things that are happening to us rather than as a relationship we have with life. We loose sight of the part we play and the world we...

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This 6-Year-Old Outsmarts Us All, Explains True Meaning Of Life

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The truths that come from the mouths of babes can be nothing short of incredible sometimes. In this stop-motion animation film about the real meaning of life, a 6-year-old girl narrates and asks, “How sad would it be to get to the end of your life and realize you never truly lived?” After citing scientific research finding the main regrets of elderly people to be the things they didn’t do rather than the things they did, she encourages us to genuinely consider the path we would like our lives to take. “This is your life, you’re in control,” she says in...

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I Will Definitely Follow Him On Instagram After Seeing This…You Should Too!

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If you’re looking for someone interesting to follow on Instagram, here’s your man,Rafael Mantesso. He’s been drawing some amusing illustrations using his Bull Terrier, Jimmy Choo. They’ll definitely make you smile and brighten your day.

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SH*T Happens

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  Dear Wonderful Ones, There’s Cancer. There’s Autism. There’s poverty, homelessness, illness, suicide, divorce, domestic violence, depression. There’s war, climate change, financial challenges and disasters. No wonder we numb out, play small, or feel overwhelmed. We have been so well trained to believe we are victims that it is often a stretch to transform our thinking to realize the relief that lies in how we choose to perceive ‘what is’. Daring to change our perception is how happiness can be found even in the most unlikely circumstances. Some people believe that...

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Now Lived Boldly Beautiful

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  Dear Wonderful Ones, Today I want to share with you a woman who continues to inspire me. I met Jana Stanfield at a Gather the Woman Conference maybe a dozen years ago. Her tenacity and bold beauty has expanded and encouraged me ever sense. In my Center of Happiness newsletter shared August 12th, 2014 I shared with you one of Jana’s most powerful songs, “Here and Now”. Jana was kind enough to send me this acknowledgment: Dear Rhonda, I always enjoy your letters. So glad to get the update in your personal note. After the loss of Robin Williams, I believe it’s...

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It is my hope that everyone will take the time to watch this WONDERFUL and ESSENTIAL TED talk. Like the Ice Bucket Challenge which is admirable, this is my invitation to my son-in-laws, daughters and even my grandchildren to watch this and ponder what this message brilliantly compels us to consider, and then pass it along to other parents… mothers and fathers, their kids, and and grandparents so we all can do our part to raise good, compassionate and...

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