DYH Swing Photo_RHI am Rhonda Hull, and I welcome you to the Center of Happiness.

Like you, life has tugged me this way and that. I have had moments of doubt, exhaustion and uncertainty that fortunately always eventually lead me back to what remains true… a certain knowing that each of us are a spark of magnificence, happiness is possible regardless of our circumstances, and that creating a contented meaningful life is an inside job where self-love is an essential ingredient.

I know this seems like a bold statement when life feels so overwhelming at times. Chronic exhaustion and detours from happiness seem particularly true for extraordinary ordinary weary women who feel the urgent responsibility to make a difference even though they feel tapped out by over-giving and depleted by putting the needs of others before their own.

I have been an advocate and activist in one form or another for as long as I can remember, determined to inspire the magnificence of women and highlight the the benefits in recognizing that happiness is a choice. Although I am grateful to have an abundance of certificates, education and training, I shy away from being regarded as an ‘expert.’ It is my life lessons that have taught me what matters most. Happiness is not out ‘there’ somewhere. The true ‘expert’ each woman must learn to trust is the wise one that lives within each of us. This is how we access and live from the Center of Happiness.

If anything, I am a pioneer of life. I venture out, explore with an open heart, report back, mentor others who long for a meaningful life, and share the insights I gain along the way. I make every effort to be transparent and trustworthy, inviting other curious souls committed to expanding their consciousness to walk, explore and learn with me. I feel compelled to share my successes as well as my mis-steps because the truth is that life is messy, a process of three steps forward and one or two back as we learn to accept and celebrate ‘what is’ seen through the lens of purpose, hope, joy, forgiveness, self-love and connection on common ground with others who understand that love is the answer to every question.

IMG_4206Who I am personally and professionally are woven together as one tapestry, knots on one side and an amazing and complex design on the other, where both aspects are necessary to the whole. As a mom, friend, sister, aunt, and Grandma ‘Tutu’ I attempt to live life in an obvious way with successes, foibles,  and tenderness on my sleeve. It is important to me to live in a way that leaves a meaningful legacy and demonstrates my core belief that love is the answer to every question.

Professionally through the Center of Happiness, my book, Drive Yourself Happy, and all my related work I attempt to provide spiritual nourishment, inspire women to live from the center of their own worth and happiness, and nudge then to grant themselves permission to live life joy-fully, taking bold action through the powerful portal of love. I also delight in providing a community container to question, heal, and explore the durable meaning of happiness for women. We all need a place where we can be accepted and loved  mistakes and all, where we can regain our footing after each fall in an encouraging community of support, as well as share, connect and collaborate as we re-member the truth of who we have always been.

photo 3 - Version 3You name it… death, divorce, loss, disappointments, health challenges including my own… I have and will continue to be challenged by them all. What I continue to learn is that the circumstances don’t matter as much as the grace with which we face them and blessings can be found in the most unlikely places.

Each hurdle and hiccup offer a patina that can be mistakenly viewed as a tarnish. But, for those who dare to learn to live from the Center of Happiness, challenging spots become valuable opportunities to question and clarify who we are, stand more confidently where we belong, energized and purposeful by knowing our worth.

Our tendency is to hope that we can enjoy happiness from the safety of our comfort zone. Yet, looking for happiness only there is like looking for your lost car keys under a street lamp merely because it is brighter there. Deep, durable and meaningful happiness is more commonly certain at the edges of your comfort zone. It is here that you learn to discover happiness even amidst heartache and learn to depend on your inner light and intuition to guide the way. And, showing up fully present even in moments like these, you will discover that you are in the good company of other amazing women who dare to discover the contribution and power of taking a stand for their own happiness.

oct 06 132Living from the Center of Happiness is not about answering all the ‘unanswered questions’ in order to be happy, but about finding ease in the what has no answer or obvious reason and joy even while ‘questioning all answers,’ trusting that there are hidden treasures.

As best I know how, I choose to live from the Center of Happiness as if each moment is precious and remembering with every step that I am magnificent and ‘enough’ just because I breathe. Truthfully I resist at times, but over all I accept that life is messy, as well as wonderful. When it is unpredictable, I listen for my ‘inner expert’ and encircle myself with family and friends who I can trust to remind me when I forget, clients who see the value of working with me even though I am not perfect, and audiences who are relieved to hear that detours are a part of the journey and happiness is possible regardless of the circumstances.

I live with my heart open, I share what touches me, I play joy-fully, and l love big.

And, I believe that when enough women find inner peace, are happy from the inside-out, and dare to live from a core place of self-love and respect, the world will happy, too, and war, inner or outer, will become a thing of the past.


Care to join me at The Center of Happiness?

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